The Meaning of Sibling Sacrifice

Sacrifice Himself For the Love One

Tuesday 01 March, 2021 | Toni

Toni loses 30 pounds to become liver donor for her sister suffering chronic kidney failure

A brother quickly jumped into action when he learned that his weight had eliminated him as an organ donor. 

"I have to save my sister. I knew I could do something to save her life, and that I would be the one to donate a kidney to her."

Toni embarked on an epic weight loss journey just so he could qualify as a living liver donor for his sister, who was diagnosed chronic kidney failure and needed a transplant to survive. 

Weight Management  is not an easy journey....

As his parents are unable to donate a part of their liver, Toni seemed to be the only viable candidate.

He started to lose weight in order to be considered a match.

"There's no reason that I can't get down to the weight that I need to see if I could be a match as well."

"I didn't know if I would be a match for my sister or not, but to even go through the evaluation process, I had to get my weight down to a certain point."


Toni started actively working out, but the result is not promising.... 

Great Invention by Dr. Kubota

Dr. Kubota researches a modern non-surgical weight management method. A new stride in the medical industry is making headlines worldwide. 

"It's really amazing! I haven't felt this good and alive in years!"

"This is nature's way of detoxifying our bodies. It's inexpensive. Modern days' methods may sometimes be harmful with oral consumption of medicines and supplements."


Dr. Kubota explains, it is revolutionary because the active ingredient turns energy-storing white fat into energy-burning brown fat. This is the latest breakthrough in modern medical weight management. It has been proven to break down fat cells and metabolize body mass effectively.

"The body can't burn enough calories without proper blood circulation. A combination of ingredients can boost the blood circulation of our body which contributes to weight management"

-Dr. Kubota

What if.... The problem is coming from low metabolism?

Not only did he reach his assessment goal weight, but Toni was also proved to be a match for his sister's kidney transplant. He feels grateful the transplant was a success. 

He saves his sister's life and in the same time, he gave himself a healthier body. 

"Glad to see the successful result! Toni managed to slim down within a short period of time and proved to be the donor. I am happy with my invention."                                 -Dr. Kubota

Toni wishes to share this with those who are suffering from losing weight effectively. 

"Exercise is the right method to losing weight, but if your inner body is not ready, all your effort will be wasted. Improve your blood circulation and metabolism by patching it can effectively improve your journey of weight management"                                 -Toni

No harm to give it a try.